Connect with a home interior designer or influencer

When was the last time you hired an interior designer?  We’re guessing rarely or never. Interior designers and influencers tend to be associated with the elite. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are around 40,000 interior designers in the UK. The vast majority freelance or are small business owners.  What’s more, they’re really creative and have some fantastic design ideas which are definitely not getting the exposure they deserve.

But you’re after the flexibility to go online or in-store and browse some themes for your home. After that, you can make a qualified decision and share those ideas with your partner, friends or family.

What if you could look through themes and ideas to give you inspiration? If you could reach out to an interior designer to help you in the decision-making process?  What if all this could be done in a matter of seconds? Any time of the day, from the palm of your hand.

My Home is that solution. By putting you in the driving seat you can find that home interior inspiration at your convenience. Home decor and interior design needn’t be something out of your grasp.