Save Time Sourcing New Home Ideas

Save time sourcing new home ideas. Yes, time, it’s awfully previous to us all. Whether it’s trying to digest all the morning’s news into one bullet point or learning a skill whilst listening to a podcast on the tube. We yearn to squeeze as much as we can into our limited timeframes.

Well, sourcing ideas for the home is no different. Whether you’ve been wondering what you can fit into the corner of the lounge or the best way to wallpaper or paint that bare wall in the bedroom. We know we need to do something about it, but don’t really have hours and hours to spend in an Ikea (or other home stores).

Planet of the apps

I’ve been playing around with a few apps recently. Ikea and Graham & Brown to name just a couple to help me decide how I can find some inspiration whilst on my lunch break at work. Believe me, it’s not easy as you have to physically scope out the room and then overlay products from the app creator on top of your room. It is not a quick process.

You might just need that initial burst of inspiration. A complete theme laid out in front of you to decide on what’s hot and what’s not in a matter of seconds. In fact you might want to ask for some general tips and advice, again in that 5-10 minute window you’ve got free.

The solution

My Home is that solution. By putting you in the driving seat you can find that home interior inspiration at your convenience. Home decor and interior design needn’t be something out of your grasp.

So whatever you need the inspiration for you’ll get some great ideas here. Whether it’s for your bathroom, conservatory, dining room, kitchen, nursery, hallway or study/office. The experts will help get it to you instantly. All you need to do is to check it out.

You’ll definitely save time sourcing new home ideas!