New Marketing Channel For Interior Designers

Interior design is a centuries old industry, maybe even longer.  From the time of kings and queens to modern day architecture, we all love a great interior.  But has the industry modernised and adapted along with time?  My Home is the new marketing channel for interior designers!

Acquiring new customers is a challenge for any business. However, what makes it even more difficult for interior designers is the fact that it’s still regarded as a niche service. A sort of elitist offering only those with deep pockets can reach.  However, in reality, there are facts that point out the immense cost to homeowners to rectify “botched” DIY jobs.  Why redo something when you can just get it right the first time? At possibly the same cost?

But back to the interior designer. Everyone’s using Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Website, Blog and maybe even a Vlog. However, you’re talking about very saturated marketing channels. Many businesses, let alone interior designers, will struggle to stand out above all the noise.  That’s the sad reality.  Additionally, if you do end up spending a lot on Pinterest and Instagram ads how can you be 100% to get in front of your target customer. After all anyone might “like” a good home interior but in reality, they live in an expensive broom cupboard somewhere in central London. There’s not a lot of room to improve.

What the interior designer needs is a marketing channel for interior designers that gets them in front of their desired audience with as little noise and distraction as possible.  A place that the customer can find the hottest trending home ideas, curated from professional designers, in a matter of seconds and wherever they may be.