Winter Home Improvement Tips

Tis the season like no other, Winter. The cosiest of seasons when the temperature drops low. You may tend to stay in a lot and spend more hours in your home because of the cold temperatures, but don’t let it keep you from completing home improvement projects. “You spend about 40% more time in the house in the winter than you do in the summer. So, you might as well use it,” says Nick Pontarelli who is a top selling real estate agent. There is no perfect time to improve your home as you can increase its efficiency through the cold months. Here are Winter home improvement tips that will help you through the winter season.

Clearing gutters

As the seasons change, so are the needs of our homes. The leaves that have fell just from the previous season of autumn will have built up in gutters and would have become damp. This can cause blockage and damage the roof and I guess getting ladders out will be the last thing you would want to do on a winters day! Clearing up your gutters beforehand will prevent the hardship of going through it winter time.

Seal up cracks around the house

Winter is full of cold temperatures day in day out and your home is meant to be your heaven for the season. The last thing you would want is to feel cold in an indoor environment which is meant to keep you warm. Adding insulation and sealing up little leak ways from doors and windows will reduce the airflow that comes in, making sure that you don’t feel cold inside. It can also save you money from internally losing heat from your home. This will allow you to on your heaters and get full warmth without any of it travelling through leaks and cracks.

Fires – Coal and wood prep

Whether you have a fire place, stove, wood burner etc, you should buy and stack up some wood and coal inside the house so you can use it whenever it is needed. This can save you from going out the house to start a fire as it is can be right there ready to use. The heat given out from these fires are incredibly good as it can warm up a full room, however, be aware and safe with this and fit in smoke alarms in case you don’t have one already. Yep, that’s also one of our Winter home improvement tips.

Smoke alarms

The Sunday roasts, the lovely cooking of food, the warmth of the stove fire, it all sounds good until things accidentally get out of hand. Make sure you have fitted in smoke alarms and for the ones existing, make sure they are working properly with batteries. This is a great health and safety issue and main priority for people should be living in a home which is safe. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you have a test run of the smoke alarm and the batteries inside of them. Try get into a habit of remembering to change the batteries every once in a while.

Renew carpet

There is no better feeling of comfort than having to walk on a new fresh carpet fitted into your house. Changing your carpet in winter can allow you to shop for warmer feeling in your room. It can increase the cosiness and make a home really seem like home. It can also add beauty to a room if winter is a time where you have people come over, especially for Christmas. Make your house look like a showroom and impress the guest.

Dinner table and sets

Do you celebrate Christmas with family and friends over? Are you a regular host when it comes to the Christmas meal? If so, Buying a new dinner table set could make your house and Christmas feel amazing. Everyday we eat food and there’s nothing better than having a meal with your loved ones. Set the mood and buy a great dinner table so everyone can feast in style. The best thing is that buying a new dinner table set for winter and Christmas will save you a lot of money as prices go down. This can then last for the entire year for every special meal you have on it.

Outdoor maintenance

If you have a front yard or back garden, make sure you get jobs done just before winter season comes. This can mean cutting grass, hedges, painting fences etc. This will allow your home to look much better because you have maintained it before the cold temperatures have hit. When winter arrives, nobody tends to take care of the house externally because the weather makes it less possible. Preparing this beforehand will make you ready to take on any day of the winter season.

And there you have it, My Home’s Winter home improvement tips. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!