Add value to your home

Someday you may think about selling your house. When it comes to putting your house on the market, the biggest question is whether to renovate or not . To increase the value of your property you will need to know how to make most of the house. This is turn will maximise the value. Here are some ways to add value to your home.

Converting your cellar

If you have a cellar in your house, there no less complex way of adding value to the property. You can simply change the cellar to a living space or storage space. This means there can be extra room in the house. The value of the house will go up as you now have changed the use of the cellar into something useful. Whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, storage room or anything else which gives it purpose to use.

Creating garden space

Do you have enough space on your property? Regardless of whether it’s at the back or front of it, you can create a garden. This will increase the value of the house as it is capable of entertaining space. A garden can make a house look like a home. It can make it look a lot better and attractive than it was. If grass and greenery isn’t wanted, the garden space can also be used to add a deck or patio. This can can be used for entertainment. It can make a garden useful for things such as having a sitting area, having a barbecue etc. This will increase the value of the property as it has an area which can be utilised for outdoor purpose.

Converting your garage

If you have a garage which is being used to house a car, you should convert it into living space. Especially if there’s parking space already outside. This can mean making it into a room, kitchen etc. Again, this will add extra room in the house which will increase its value. This is because there is space which can be utilised well enough to benefit the people living inside. The more room the property has, this will add value to your home. Additionally the space can have a purpose and be used however a person may desire.

Converting your loft

Most people have lofts in their house and to add value to it, it can be converted into a bedroom. This is a great idea as there are more rooms in the house for people to sleep in. This means the value will increase. Lofts are great for converting into bedrooms. There is a good amount of space. And to increase the value further you can also add a little bathroom there. This can make it it easier for a person living in the bedroom. It can save them from coming down to the lower floors of the house. You never know when nature calls or for any other purpose! This will simply be more ideal for the bedroom in the loft space. It can also attract a person when it comes to selling the house away.

Take a look at structural issues

An obvious way to make your property more valuable is by taking care of it. This, and making sure it doesn’t have any structural issues. This can include things such as: the following. A leaking roof, cracks on the walls, missing roof tiles, insect infestation, bad gutters, broken/collapsed ground etc. If these issues are fixed and taken care of then the value of the property will increase. This is because things are in good condition and have been maintained well.

Upgrade central heating system

Many old house didn’t have central heating systems whilst some have old fashioned heating systems which need upgrading. If the heating system in your house is old then replace it with a new one. This will add more value to your home. This should be done in conjunction with improving the general energy efficiency of the house. Improving the efficiency can include: sealing away drafts, adding insulation, replacing windows with double glazed etc. If the heating system in the house is sufficient and working, you could try adding new heaters. Alternatively you could get underfloor heating to make the property worth more.


This is one of the most obvious ways to add value to your home. Decorating can make the inside rooms look good and bring more life to the property. Having a few fancy decorations will increase the property value. Decorating can include fixing up little things such as creaking doors, dripping taps and squeaky floors/stairs. Also, loose tiles, bad smells, peeling paint, ripped wallpapers etc.

Bathroom update

Bathrooms are one of the main places which need to be clean and hygienic. They should look fresh and appealing as places such as this are used often. You can have a touch of luxury to make it stand out. This means you can use bright light colours and glossy surfaces to make it look good. When it comes to keeping it clean, these surfaces will be shining. This will show the cleanliness and will make the bathroom look good. Hence, this will increase the value of the house because the bathroom is hygienic and in good condition.