We are the Largest Bathroom Supplier in the United Kingdom

Homr is the UK’s leading bathroom supplier apple app. Over the years, we have helped many UK clients design their fantasy bathrooms. With a vast bathroom factory and warehouse, we have a strong foundation on the premises, so we can be confident that we are not just a web-based company.

We have a vast range of bathroom accessories brands and carefully crafted built-in accessories manufactured at the sales and distribution centers of bathroom processing plants in the United Kingdom.

At Homr, we understand that the bathroom is the center of the family’s capacity, locking the entrance and providing a relaxing and reassuring hideaway.

Why Choose Homr?

Here are some reasons to choose Homr for your bathroom renovation android app and accessories.

We Offer You Value for Money

We offer you a reasonable price/performance ratio. Close to the manufacturing industry, we sell directly from the factory to retailers.

Purchasing means getting the best collection of bathroom accessories. All of these are prepared for rapid transportation and sorting.

We Offer You Bathroom Accessories

Homr combines outlet skills with the outlet costs of a UK processing plant, making it an excellent retailer that can bring luxury at a reasonable cost by leveraging the additional housing of Master Deal staff to guide your purchases.

We Offer You Efficient and Attentive Customer Service

At Homr, you can find help on needs, quality articles, effective and attentive support, master deal staff available for problem management, website ease of use, article scope, and all financial planning to guarantee existence. Fast delivery management and interest-free money make your shopping experience ideal.

We Offer You a Luxury Factory Supplier Experience

Homr from a major competitor in the UK bathroom supplier. We are not only a web-based retailer but also exhibiting many stunning washroom items, allowing customers to visit us, experience the nature of the items, and take advantage of carefully selected bargains in the store.

We Offer You the Fastest Free Delivery

95% of all Homr items are available quickly and free of charge anywhere in the UK. Homr only offers high-quality bathroom sets, bathroom furniture, vanities, and bathroom decorations. Manufactured in a bathroom processing facility in the UK, it not only offers Homr’s unique slimline fit furniture but also offers the best bar bathroom furniture incentives.

We Offer You Multiple Financing Options

Buying a bathroom can be expensive. We got it and made an excellent funding decision to help spread the funding costs. PayPal is one of our funding accomplices. In addition, research your financial plans and make the most of the choices that generally suit your needs.

We Offer You a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer an unconditional 14-day unconditional commitment. We understand that buying a washroom online can be an overwhelming cycle. We strive to bring all the delicacy of our articles from our customers’ presentations and photographs.

If you are shopping online and it doesn’t fit in your bathroom, or you don’t imagine it overall, you can return it to us within 14 business days of submitting your request. If it’s not too difficult, please contact us with the file/contact number. We will check your exceptional return document and give it to you (items returned without a special reference will be rejected in transit).

When making inquiries, please pick them up at the cash and exhibition area distribution center and inspect them before departure.