We are offering all genuine items for the bathroom suppliers.

Homr is the UK’s leading bathroom suppliers android app. Over the years, we have helped many UK clients design fantasy bathrooms. With a vast bathroom factory and warehouse, we have a strong foundation on the premises, so we can be confident that we are not just a web-based company.

We plan all the items ourselves and assemble most of them in the UK. Traditional strategies such as metal projection and hand cleaning are essential to the appeal and reliability of outreach. In the long run, we have established partnerships with significant accomplices such as the Italian marble quarry to procure the most delicate unrefined parts. All items will be handled and evaluated in our workshop before full delivery.

With a regular stock of vintage toilet taps across the UK, we also understand the needs of plumbers in different locations. We make delightful and remarkable washroom product that is ageless and ideal for a wide range of homes. Our assortment of restroom fittings is valid and complete.

Here are a few things we are presenting for bathroom renovation apple app.

Vintage Style Bathtubs

We produce a few different extravagance baths for the UK, in a scope of various sizes and wraps up. Our range of vintage style showers incorporates copper baths, cast iron baths, nickel baths, just as metal baths. Most showers come in various finishes, including cleaning, brushing, and excellent lacquer finishes. In addition to choosing a footed or footless shower, there are also multiple options on the outside of our shower. Our shower sizes are available in standard sizes from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches, and you can choose the best size for your toilet.

Vintage Style Showers

In our range, you will also find a wide range of vintage and Victorian-style showers that are ideal for your washroom. We offer a variety of styles of traditional commercial showers, including uncovered lines, covered lines, cage showers, and self-contained showers that can be customized to suit your space, style, and finish. Luxury showers and fixtures are available with metal, copper, nickel, and other bath-like finishes. This means that you can customize the vintage washroom fixtures to suit the overall taste of the space. Look at our luxurious shower and faucet range to find the ideal piece for your toilet.

High and Low-Level Cisterns

Home offers a variety of vintage-style toilet faucets, including a variety of high and low water tanks, so there are vintage toilets that go well with showers and baths. We offer vintage reservoirs in various styles and packages to complement showers and baths and add a stylish finish to current vintage styles. You can also engrave a family crest on the reservoir. Each of our items is suitable for shipping within the UK, so if you have any questions, please be sure to contact us. Our full range washroom faucets are also undoubtedly capable of evoking not only the range of our exemplary toilet faucets but also the decoration and adaptability to decoration, creating a vintage feel throughout the washroom, to the toilet. Contact the UK now or request a UK brochure for more information.