Professional Bathroom Supplier in the UK

Homr is the UK’s best and most professional bathroom renovation android app product. Over the years, we have helped many UK customers plan their dream bathrooms. With a vast toilet industry and warehouse and a solid foundation nearby, we can rest assured that we are not just an online organization.

With a wide selection of attachments from leading suppliers across the UK, we can deliver the latest bathroom products and provide a reliable and lasting warranty.

There is a vast range of different toilet brands and meticulously crafted ornaments manufactured in bathroom handling shops and transport centers in the United Kingdom.

At Homr, for some reason, we’re used to designing excellent, durable spaces. With that in mind, we require the brands we work with to do the same. Divide the range of items into wise chunks of relatively diverse parts you may need.

Subsequently, we are glad to shout out the layout attachments with some major suppliers across the UK. For you, this guarantees that we can offer the latest bathroom items but sponsors them with a solid guarantee and tremendous cost.

What makes us the best and most professional?

Here are some focal points that make us the best and most capable bathroom supplier apple app.

More incentive

We provide good cost performance. It sells directly from the factory to retailers near the assembly plant. Purchasing means getting the best range of bathroom extras. These are ready for prompt shipping and arrangements.

Productive and attentive customer service

At Homr, we want to enhance the security of help, quality articles, successful and courteous help, top-notch organizational staff available for board outcomes, site usability, article scope, and presence as needed. You can observe the financial measures taken. Rapid executive promotion and premium cash make the shopping experience ideal.

Fastest free delivery

95% of all Homr items are available quickly and for free anywhere in the UK. Homr offers great bathroom sets, bathroom furniture, bathroom tops, and bathroom improvements. Made in a bathroom handling office in the UK, it provides Homr’s novel slimline fit furniture and offers the best bar restroom furniture motivators.

Different Financing Options

Purchasing a toilet may be costly. We were given it and settled on a splendid subsidizing preference to help spread the financing costs. PayPal is one of all our financing associates. Moreover, studies your financial plans and gain as a whole lot as feasible from the selections that for the maximum element healthy your requirements.


All the above focuses display our superb skill. Additionally, you may locate us online on the Homr apple app and website. You can visit our web website online to song down the maximum current patterns and plans for your restroom. Moreover, you may display us your fable toilet so it thoroughly can be completed for you.