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  1. home, gym
    Autumn by Jon, London
    Relaxing but spacious home gym - ask Jon if he'll design one for you!
  2. home, study
    Jupiter by Helen, London
    Very elegant home study area - you wouldn't believe how much it cost Helen to set up!
  3. painter, canvas
    Painter by Steph, Lincoln
    Even if you can't paint, you'll want to with this setting in your home - Steph's a professional painter, how about asking her to paint you something?
  4. umbrellas, entrance, home
    Hall by Pratik, Leeds
    Can't get more inviting than this entrance - has Pratik got enough brollies?
  5. kitchen, dining
    Dining by Betty, Doncaster
    Have you ever wanted a kitchen like this - Betty's your home interior expert to hand!
  6. bathroom, shower, toilet
    Sky by Betty, Upholland
    Bathroom of the future - wonder why she named it Sky?
  1. How do I sign in?
    When opening the app you will be presented with the sign in screen, simply enter your registered email address and password to sign in.
  2. I've forgot my password
    No problem! simply select the question mark next to password in the sign in section and enter your email address. You'll then be sent a password reset token .
  3. How do I sign up?
    On the opening screen simply select Don't have an account? Sign Up where you can enter in a few details and away you go!
  4. How to do I view homes?
    Once you've logged in the first screen you see if the Hottest HomR's list which lists all the home pictures posted by users, in order of points rated against them.
  5. How to do I rate a home?
    Simply tap on any picture from the list of Hottest HomR's and a deck of all the home pictures appears.
  6. What if I don't like home?
    Simply swipe/drag the photo left.
  7. What if I like the home?
    Simply swipe/drag the photo right if you find the picture interesting, want to message the owner about the picture, view more photos from the home or save the photo.
  8. How do I access the menu?
    Simply tap the three lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  9. How do I update pictures?
    Simply access the main menu and select My HomR's. From here you can either tap an existing home profile which then allows you to update, delete or purchase a "booster".
  10. Where are my enquiries?
    Via the main menu, select Enquiries. Here you'll see a full history of all your messages and enquiries. By tapping any one of them you'll be able to view the full message thread.
  11. How do I refer the app?
    Easy simply go into main menu and tap Settings!


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